2023/24 Ecko Competitions & Scores

PearTree Eclectic Scores @ 29/1/24

Division 1

Division 2

Barry Sadler – ECKO Secretary


2023/24 ECKO Competitons - Get Ready

Hi to all Seniors (Gentlemen aged 55+)
This is an invitation to enter the 2023/24 Senior Winter Competitions, below you will see details for
both Knock-out and Pear Tree Eclectic Competitions.
Please read the details carefully and notify me ASAP if you would like to enter.
Barry Sadler – ECKO Secretary


Next year’s competitions will start in November 2023 and run till 31st March 2024

Played as Matchplay competitions with 90% course handicap allowance for the Pairs and full course
handicap for the Singles.

The players in the Pairs comp. will be drawn one each from the upper / lower handicap bands.
To avoid handling cash, I will ensure your entry fee is added to the Seniors 'Payment Scheme'
currently being operated.

The draw has now been made for the Winter Matchplay Events.

Play by dates will be given so we can complete the competitions by the start of the summer season.

Winter Singles 2023/24

Winter Pairs 2023/24


The competition will open for qualifying cards on Monday 13th November 2023 and run till 31st March

There will be two divisions split either side of the mean handicap.

A handicap allowance of 50% of your Course Handicap will be set and given at the start, rounded to
the nearest 0.1.

Competition Format

It is an Eclectic type competition involving six rounds, with only three scores counting from each of the
six rounds played.

It is your choice which three scores are to count, and these should be clearly identified by putting a
circle around them. Please note that it is your gross score that counts. Your handicap allowance will
be deducted from your gross 18 hole score. Each set of 3 scores chosen are locked in leaving a
diminishing number of holes “open” to select your best 3 scores from. So 15 holes in round 2, 12 in
round 3 and so on leaving 3 holes available to competitors in the final round. Choose wisely

Before each round commences you will need to notify me of your intention to submit a card.

A separate specific Peartree card will need to be put in for each round, this will need to be dated and
verified by a member of the Seniors section.

After completion a picture of the Card should be taken and sent to me by:
email- barryatholland.s@gmail.com or by a text message or WhatsApp so it can be recorded.

The card should then be placed into the Seniors scorecard box in the Men’s Changing Room.

Play can be on any day.

If you wish to enter please notify me by email- barryatholland.s@gmail.com or by a text
message or WhatsApp clearly stating your name and ‘Pear Tree’ competition.

The entry fee is £3 / person.

To avoid handling cash please ensure your entry fee is added to the Seniors 'Payment Scheme'
currently being operated.

Whilst I would encourage you to enter early, entries will be accepted up until 31st January.

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